About Zithromax

Want to order Zithromax online? But, first it is important you know all there is to know about this drug. Zithromax is a drug that falls under the category of medicines referred to as “macrolides”. The drug works by preventing bacteria from spreading by affecting the bacteria’s protein producing and peptide activity. These two functions actually help the bacteria to survive and wreck havoc in the body of their host and if they go inhibited; this will lead to the spread of the infection; thus weakening the body’s natural defense mechanisms.

When you order Zithromax online you should understand just how the drug is taken. Zithromax is administered depending on the seriousness of the bacterial infection being treated. The Zithromax capsules should generally be taken one hour prior to meal time or a minimum of two hours after eating. Even if you have noticed a considerable improvement prior to the end of the recommended course of treatment, it is imperative that you keep using the medicine as prescribed. When you stop the bacteria’s course too early, this may result in making the bacteria build-up resistance to effect of the antibiotic.

When you order Zithromax online from a pharmacy such as Free Market Pharmacy and complete the course of treatment, then wait for about 2 week prior to carrying out another STI testing in order to ensure that you are totally cured.

After you order Zithromax online, be sure to follow dosage instructions. The following are the recommended dosage instructions for treatment with Zithromax:

• For treatment of ureaplasma, a single 1,000 mg dosage should be taken.
• For vaginal/penile Chlamydia, one single 1,000 mg dosage is needed for the successful treatment of the infection. But, for the successful treatment of anorectal Chlamydia, there will be a requirement for a course of Doxycycline.
• For the treatment of gonorrhea, one 1,000 mg dosage is needed to fight the infection, in combination with a single prescribed amount of Cefixime.
• For the treatment of mycosplasma & Non-specific urethritis. The recommended dosage is 2 250 mg tablets together on the first day of treatment (day 1), followed by a single 250 mg tablet each day for a period of 4 days – this will successfully treat the infection.

Before you order Zithromax online, ensure that you consult with your physician to find out if this drug is safe for you to take. If you suffer from the following diseases, you should not order Zithromax online: Kidney disease, heart rhythm disorder, myastheniagravis, liver disease or have a medical history of QT syndrome.