Buy Amoxicillin Online

Amoxicillin is high effective antibiotic which is included in contain of many medications for treatment of bacterial infections. It is related to group of penicillin antibiotics which differ by high stability of action and relatively high pharmacological safety. This drug is produced in different medical forms; therefore it can be used for different diseases in different parts of organism.

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Indications to use:

Bacterial infection of the lungs (pneumonia, bronchitis)

Bacterial inflammatory infections of upper respiratory tract (pharyngitis, tonsillitis, sinusitis)

Inflammation of respiratory tract.

Bacteria and infections development of skin and soft tissues (erysipelas, furunculosis)

Infectious and inflammatory processes of the kidneys and urinary tract

Mechanism of action

Amoxicillin antibiotics have strictly manifested bactericidal action. Its components quickly penetrate in all tissues and liquid of organism, that’s why independently from localization of infection, this antibiotic can have real resistant to bacterial.

Mechanism of pharmacological action is violation of connection process of cell bacteria wall. To make it shorter, Amoxicillin don’t give way to infected cell to form absolutely and at first destroys its protection layer. Bacteria become more defenseless to external influence and can’t breed normally, and as a result quickly die. It is wide spectral antibiotic that can destroy bacteria of different type.

Usage and dosage of Amoxicillin

In most of cases, this antibiotic is prescribed in form of tablets for use inside. It is quickly absorbed from gastrointestinal tract and doesn’t provoke irritation of stomach walls. It has good acid proof and quickly destroyed by gastric juice, quickly penetrating in blood.

Adult patients with infections of average severity are prescribed 1 tablet of Amoxicillin 500 mg 3 times a day.

In case of severe forms of infections, dosage is better to increase and to take for 1 tablet Amoxicillin 875 mg 3 times a day

Maximal dose of Amoxicillin 875 mg should be used only according to doctor’s prescription to avoid overdose.

Usually, treatment course doesn’t over limit 7-12 days, depending on sensitivity of microorganism to this antibiotic.

Tablet can be taken in time of eating as well as in intervals between it.

Measures of precautions

This medication is known as safe one for pregnant women and for their future children. Never the less, before beginning of treatment course consult with your doctor.

Patients with disorders of kidney, liver functioning are required to reduce day dose.

In case of allergy on penicillin, it is better to refuse Amoxicillin use.

The most distributive side effects of amoxicillin are diarrhea, nausea; skin rash rarely occur in patients vomiting, pruritus and urticarial.