What Happens When You Mix Adderral And alcohol?

There are many ways that people without a prescription can manage to gain access to Adderall. This makes abusing this drug much easier. Most people who mix this drug with alcohol normally start doing this after using Adderall alone.

However, there are people who start using Adderall and alcohol without ever having any experience with Adderall. They do this out of the need to experience the effects of the combination. Experimenting with the mixture then leads to habitual use, which may then lead to an addiction.

It is very important to know what happens when you mix Adderall and alcohol. People need to be aware that it’s not fun and games to use this combination. This is something serious that will affect a person’s body in one way or the other.

Most people think that this is just a fun party combination that heightens the effects of alcohol. However, this could potentially be a lethal combination that may even result in death. One thing that happens when you take this mix is that the effects of the alcohol are doubled.

You will experience the effect of alcohol as a depressant being decreased considerably. This means that you will not be able to tell whether or not you have had enough to drink. The effects of alcohol will take long to kick in and one may be tempted to keep drinking beyond their limit. This can easily lead to alcohol poisoning.

You will also get to experience some of the feelings associated with taking drugs such as cocaine. These include euphoria and a general feeling of excitement. However, it is important to note that these feelings are normally fleeting. They will end once the effects of the combination wear off.

There are other serious repercussions that occur as a result on what happens when you mix Adderall and alcohol. These include increased blood pressure. You may also experience an increase in the heart beat and also palpitations. There are also people who go through loss of appetite and therefore experience weight loss after some time. Insomnia is another thing that one is likely to experience.

Adderall is normally taken to treat conditions dealing with inability to pay attention. One of the effects that people experience once they mix the drug and alcohol is high alertness. This may lead to feelings of paranoia and also anxiety.

Mixing Adderall and alcohol may also result in the person experiencing extreme adverse effects of the drug. Some of the effects that may be experienced include seizures. Other effects that may be experienced include vomiting, insomnia, diarrhea, nausea, dizziness, constipation and stomach upsets.

Another thing that happens when you mix Adderall and alcohol is the experience of withdrawal symptoms. This mix normally results in addiction. When one tries to stop using the mix, they will suffer from a variety of withdrawal effects. These include depression, irritability, insomnia, apathy and disorientation. To treat these symptoms, a person will have to get medical help in most cases. However, there are home remedies that can be used to treat mild withdrawal effects of the drug.